1. I would like to shoot the match. Can you give me a slot?

No. You have to Register for a slot via the MOS system (

2.Where can I obtain information about being a Match Sponsor?

Send an email to

3.Unfortunately I must withdraw from the match. Can I transfer my slot to someone else?

No, you have the unregister via the MOS system. Your slot will be reallocated to the next person in the waiting list.

4.What is the refund policy?

Cancellation 90 days before the match starts: 100% refund

Cancellation 89 to 31 days before match starts: 50% refund

Cancellation 30 days or less before match starts: No refund

Note that the match start date is the first day of the Pre-Match.

5.There is an error with my name or other details on the competitor list. Who should I contact?

Please ensure that your MOS shooter profile is up to date.

6.Am I permitted to keep my firearms and ammunition with me while I am in your country? If not, what are the storage arrangements?

You have to make sure that your firearms and ammunition are securely stored (safe) and you are only permitted to carry them directly from your hotel to the range and back (no carry during tourist trips). There is a storage provided at the range.

7.I am unable to bring my own firearm, so I plan to borrow one from a friend. If he applies for the Import Permit, do I need any special documentation to be in possession of the firearm at the range?

No, you do not need a special permit to use a gun at the range which has been legally imported by a friend.

8.Are there any restrictions against different types of bullet in your country (e.g. hollow-point, jacketed, unjacketed etc.)? 

No, there are no restrictions against different types of bullet. Please be aware that hollow point bullets like Federal Hydra-Shok or HST are only allowed for purchase in Austria if you are an active member of a recognized shooting organization (like IPSC).

9.Am I permitted to retrieve empty cases from the range floor?

No. This is a “lost brass” match. Empty cases cannot be retrieved.