Permit Information

Shooters with European Firearms Pass

  • You’ll need to bring your European Firearms Pass
  • Match Invitation

Shooters without an European Firearms Pass

  • You need a temporary transfer/import license (you need ask when you step in the Europen Union)
  • Match Invitation
  • The documents shall be presented to Border Police for official stamping upon entering and leaving the EU or Austria in order to be valid.



The Full Automatic guns are prohibited in Austria.

The maximum allowed ammunition is 1000 pieces.

The documentation shall be produced upon request of Police authorities.



Please check with your preferred carrier regarding their policy on transporting firearms and ammunition (and any limitations on the quantity of ammunition allowed per person – usually 5 Kg. or 11 Lbs). Please ensure that your firearms and ammunition are stored separately and secured in rigid cases that can be locked.